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    Default bathroom shower and tub grout

    i had my whole bathroom tiled floor walls
    around the shower please help
    i don't think the guy uesd the right grout in my bathroom
    on the floor it is cracking. it is a sandy type grout
    i never saw it before in a bathroom it is uneven not smooth
    it is cracking and falling out all over the bathroom
    how can i take this grout out and replace it with the right grout
    with out moving the tile. i don't have the money to replace it
    and start all over again

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    Default Re: bathroom shower and tub grout

    stephy... sanded grout is not uncommon to use especially on floor tiles that are hard types like ceramic or porcelain and where the gaps are more than a 1/4 inch.... it will be a little stronger because of the sand.

    The reasons for it cracking and falling out could be from a few things.

    1 - the gaps between the tiles were not cleaned out and there may have been dried adhesive that squeezed up when the tiles were laid. When the grout is applied in this situation it doesn't fill the gap properly and will crack.

    2 - it's possible the grout should have been polymer modified. Since grout itself is not flexible this polymer modifying will add some elasticity to the grout and help with not cracking.

    3 - it's possible the tiles may not be adhered down properly therefore the grout will crack.

    4 - there may be too much bounce in the floor in which case the grout will crack.

    There are grout saws and carbide tipped scrappers that can be purchased at any home supply store for removing the grout. Once you have the grout removed make sure to clean the gap between the tiles thoroughly with a vacuuming. Then try using a polymer modified grout as a replacement to see it this resolves the issue.

    Hopefully this helps.

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