For the last few months I could have sworn that I heard water dripping inside the walls of my bathroom. Daily...I'd go in the basement with a flashlight and search the floorboards for a wet spot...nothing! I finally got around to fixing the drain and tightening the handles (two neglected projects) on the bathroom faucet figuring that would solve the drip...drip...drip sound. Like the Telltale Heart...IT WAS STILL THERE! I put my ear against each wall, walked out of the bathroom, and unplugged the fish tank filter that was on the aquarium on the other side of the wall. Back in the bathroom...drip....drip...drip. Desperate for resolution I unplugged the lamp that was plugged into an outlet on the other side of the bathroom wall. No drip sound!!!! The timer that the lamp was plugged into was making the sound. A tick, tick sound from the timer sounded like drip, drip in the bathroom. That timer is now in a thousand pieces in a Wisconsin landfill.