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Thread: cabinet quandry

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    Friend or no friend I would be in court. If they did not explain the difference between "Crystal" and "Crystal Plus" how in the world were you suppose to know the difference. You said you specified you wanted plywood the designer change it to PB. In this neck of the woods that's called bait and switch and it is illegal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stlouiskitchenandbath View Post
    Don't be worried by particle board cabinet boxes. Hopefully your designer ordered matching interiors on any open cabinets.
    There are benefits of particle board over plywood. Particle board is less likely to warp prior to installation and the cabinets are easier to install because the cabinets stay square. Also they cost less.
    There are some very high end companies that use particle board boxes. Heritage, Premier Custom Built and William Ohs.
    The only place I don't like a particle board cabinet is the sink cabinet. At some point your faucet or plumbing will get a leak and you wont know it until the bottom of your particle board cabinet is soaked with water.
    If I do have a particle board cabinet at the sink I order a flat sheet of stainless steel to line the bottom of the cabinet then silicone around the edges. Install and drill holes for plumbing before installing sink and countertop. The stainless is about $60 for a piece to fit a 36 sink base.
    all this would do is direct all the water to the sides of the cabinet. wouldn't be a good solution. particle board is also much heavier and the added weight is not a good factor with wall cabinets. more problem with particle board on wall cabinets then what there should be from "high end companies" I'm sorry but on this aspect I have seen problems to many times with many "high end companies" to be convinced otherwise.

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    We put a fairly heavy bead around the back and sides of the S.S. and under the front edge. We also do a custom S.S. pan with the edges upturned 3/4" inch or so but the cost is much higher.

    If you have a leak bad enough to go higher than the bead of caulk then you have water all over your floor.

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