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    Default Options for replacing deck floor with 24 in centers

    The floor of my deck is old and needs replacing/refinishing. It is 2X4 on 24in centers. It is 40ft by 12ft (3 to 8 feet off the ground) so replacement price is a consideration. I've considered dividing it into sections and removing 3 out of every 4 2x4s then putting regular 1x6 deck flooring on the 45 degree diagonal. I could always just replace with treated 2x4s but would like to change the look. Also, is it feasible to resurface (sand) the existing 20+ year old 2x4s to get a clean, uniform surface and restain (solid color)?
    Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Options for replacing deck floor with 24 in centers

    Yes, you could sand the deck if it were not for the pressure treatment. 20 years ago they used some pretty nasty stuff to treat lumber, sanding that today would only release what's under the surface. You don't want to be breathing or handling the resulting dust and debris.

    I'm not so sure that T&G will hold up to the elements, so I wouldn't recommend that.
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    Default Re: Options for replacing deck floor with 24 in centers

    Have you considered adding aditional joists, between the old ones, then using new composite decking, instead of regular decking boards? The new composite decking is really great, never rots, plus, you have an assortment of colors and textures. The added joists between the old ones will stabilize your deck, as well as making it a lot sturdier. 12" on center is always better than 24" on center. Most new decks at that height require 12" on center, for safety. Better to be safe, than sorry. Your new decking can be screwed to the new, and old joists. The old ones will add strength, if they are still in decent condition. Like the other poster stated, stay away from working with that old decking. It will be much quicker, and heathier to use composite decking. Composite decking is great to use, and looks fabulous. No worry about restaining. I love that 45 degree look, too.

    Enjoy your project.

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