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    Default New ideas for installing a garage ceiling

    I want to put a ceiling up in my garage workshop and I am looking for the best options. The roof trusses are spaced 24 on center. I could use standard half inch drywall or another product ToughRock CD Ceiling Board form Georgia-Pacific Gypsum LLC which is designed to be a sag resistant and cost-effective alternative to 5⁄8 gypsum board. Someone on the web suggested styrofoam panels for easy installation and they provide some insulation.

    Do you know of any newer more innovative products that can be used for garage ceilings?

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    Default Re: New ideas for installing a garage ceiling

    I would recommend sticking with drywall, whether you used the reinforced 1/2" or stay with 5/8". Whatever you use, make sure it's fire rated, unlike styrofoam. If you want to insulate with foam that's one thing, but not as a primary surface.
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