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    Default Shower Mixing Valve

    I have to turn the shower mixing valve all the way to hot to get hot water. If I don't at best the water gets only luke warm.

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    Default Re: Shower Mixing Valve

    You likely have a temperature balanced valve. Generally, this type of valve uses a keyed lock ring under the handle to control the amount of travel/mix of the valve. Remove the handle and adjust the ring slightly towards the hot side. Reattach the handle and test the results BEFORE taking a shower.

    It would be easiest and best if you Google your shower valve brand for the instruction sheet on this procedure. It's easy to do, but best done with the manufacturer's procedure.
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    Default Re: Shower Mixing Valve

    The balancing cartridge could be stuck or done, if the above doesn't work. Just remember use a handle puller if its stuck.


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