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    Default Re: Pedistal Sink Gap - Answer this and help my marriage!

    This is a very difficult stage. Instead seeking solutions, most couples just keep butting heads. Each of you want your own way. You are right and your spouse is wrong...and your spouse feels the same way. Too bad.

    You dig in your heals and the atmosphere heats up.

    This is the stage when most married couples make bad decisions. They feel that things will never change. They think they’ve tried everything and nothing has worked. They are just tired of it all.

    This is that critical time when it is just too easy to forget your commitment and decide that you just do not love your spouse anymore. You think that divorce may be the only answer. So sad...so wrong!

    Yet other wiser couples decide to try to work things out. Their cry is, "Help my marriage.”

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    Default Re: Pedistal Sink Gap - Answer this and help my marriage!

    Howdy, just an inch heck thats not so bad. Does it make cleaning the sink easier?
    Perhaps a trip to where the sink is sold and ask some question about how to install it may resolve the issue.
    Learning by doing is some times quit frustrating. My moms advice would be just to love each other more when times of frustration. I haven't found anything better.
    Oh a long time ago on our first house i was removing a bath sink and did not know anything. Well got it out and touched the water supply line only to see the threaded end of the pipe fall away and a jet of water shoot across the room. I sat there thumb over the hole for a few hours till my wife came home . After she got over the giggles she called for help - no idea where the shut off was...

    So its only an inch.

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