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    Default Insulating around lights in and an whole house fan in the attic

    We just moved into a 1976 house in the Northeast. the attic has roughly 6inches of insulation already, however, the insulation is right up to and surrounding the older recessed lighting units. Should this insulation be touching the recessed lighting unit (they are older recessed lighting units that light the closets on the story below - probably original to the house). What is the proper way to insulate around these and if I add additional insulation on top of the exisiting (perpendicular across the joists), how do I treat this?

    Also - there is a whole house fan - what is the best way to insulate this during the winter?

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    Default Re: Insulating around lights in and an whole house fan in the attic

    Recessed can lighting fixtures usually come in two different flavors; Type I.C and Non-type I.C.. I.C. stands for insulated ceiling. If you look at the labeling which might, maybe, possibly be inside of the housing you might, maybe, possibly be able to identify the type of can you have.

    If they are IC rated you can bury them in insulation. If they are non-type IC the National Electrical Code requires 3” of clearance around the fixtures and nothing above the fixtures.

    If it was my house and the fixtures were a non-type I.C. I would be replacing them with an IC type because you will be pouring heating dollars through them in the winter.

    I had a whole house fan at one time and I would just put a couple layers of bat insulation over it in the heating season. I just set the bats off to the side once summer rolled back around.
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    Default Re: Insulating around lights in and an whole house fan in the attic

    Ditto on what Kentvw said about the light fixtures.
    The whole house fan- Another sugestion would to get some sheet foam insulation and build a box to cover it.
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