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    Post leaking at the threads of garbage diposal

    my kitchen sinks has started leaking. i have a disposal. looks like the spacer or whatever it is called has somehow cracked. how can i get the drain off b/c the thing that holds the diposal on will not allow me to pull it out?

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    Default Re: leaking at the threads of garbage diposal

    Is the leak at the disposal/sink connection or is it from the disposal/drain connection?

    If it's at the sink, sometimes the locking collar that holds the disposal to the sink loosens itself. Give it a little twist to snug it up. If it's the drain connection, try giving those pieces a bit of a tightening too. If these techniques don't work, then there are two screws that hold the drain neck to the disposal, remove the screw and you can then start removing drain parts down the line. Unplug the disposal before working in the area.

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