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    Default Removing Old Toilet from Basement

    Good morning everybody. We've got a old, unused toilet in our basement that I would like to remove.

    The plumbing for the toilet is buried in the concrete foundation. This may be a dumb question, but after I pull the toilet and the wax ring, what do I do to seal the waste line? I want to make sure I don't end up with sewer gases in the house...

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    Default Re: Removing Old Toilet from Basement

    There are fitting known as test plugs, which are used to
    verify the integrity of plumbing waste pipes during construction
    i.e can the pipe hold water under pressure without leaking.
    (imagine a spring which can be compressed and which is surrounded by neoprene rubber
    Yo can buy a 3 inch test plug, insert into top end of toilet elbow, and use a floor tile ciment at the top 1 inch section to seal it off for perpetuity

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    Default Re: Removing Old Toilet from Basement

    Here are two I found on the web Pipestoppers and Self-Expanding Plugs
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