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    Default roach nest odor?

    Hi, we live in a 28-unit co-op building in NYC. We've been here for a few years, and have never had roaches. But in the past 6 weeks there has been a dramatic increase in bug sightings.
    One of our neighbors, who has a reputation for an insect-infested apartment, has a foul smell that only occasionally billows from their apartment. They leave their door open so their cat can roam the halls. The odor is only sometimes there -- but when it is, it's so foul that everyone covers their noses when they pass through the hall. It's not a recognizable's not garbage. I thought the odor was some kind of chemical, since she's a painter. A plumber was visiting and he said he'd smelled it before: it's the smell of a roach nest! Is this true? I tried to Google roach nest odor but didn't find anything about the foul odor of a roach nest.
    Thanks for any advice,
    covering my nose in NY
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    Cool Re: roach nest odor?

    yes there is a distinct odor about a common place where roaches seek shelter. Most often it's the excrement that can be smelled. Most people who have dealt with the problem either get used to it or get rid of it. We recently went through a years worth of exterminations as well as replacing several appliances because of their infestation with roaches. It's a horrible thing to live with and if they are coming from your neighbor well you're never going to get rid of them.

    here are a few tips,
    • Avoid paper clutter they like to snuggle between the pages.
    • clean out drawers and toyboxes weekly --this discourages babies from hiding in there for long periods of time.
    • Vacuum out all electronics monthly (there's nothing more embarrasing than taking your computer in for repairs and return on the promised date to find your infested tower unrepaired.)
    • follow FlyLady's zone cleaning every month for years and you'll finally eliminate hiding places.
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    Default Re: roach nest odor?

    do carpenter ants create a similar odor?

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    Default Re: roach nest odor?

    Roaches are attracted to filth, by that I mean dirty dishes left to sit, food laden containers in the garbage can, open food bins, and surfaces with food spill residues (inside cabinets, countertops, floors ... ). I've worked in many infested buildings, and while there may be an occasional sighting in a clean residence, that's generally all it is is a sighting, but go across the hall to the pig sty and the place is riddled with critters. If you don't give critters a reason to be in your house, they usually find better/easier places to be.

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