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    Default roach nest odor?

    Hi, we live in a 28-unit co-op building in NYC. We've been here for a few years, and have never had roaches. But in the past 6 weeks there has been a dramatic increase in bug sightings.
    One of our neighbors, who has a reputation for an insect-infested apartment, has a foul smell that only occasionally billows from their apartment. They leave their door open so their cat can roam the halls. The odor is only sometimes there -- but when it is, it's so foul that everyone covers their noses when they pass through the hall. It's not a recognizable odor...it's not garbage. I thought the odor was some kind of chemical, since she's a painter. A plumber was visiting and he said he'd smelled it before: it's the smell of a roach nest! Is this true? I tried to Google roach nest odor but didn't find anything about the foul odor of a roach nest.
    Thanks for any advice,
    covering my nose in NY
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