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    Talking Hot water turns cold in kitchen after bathroom toilet is flushed

    When warm water is being used in the kitchen sink, and someone flushes the toilet in the bathroom all of the warm water coming out of the kitchen sink becomes cold water, in our house.

    We have replaced the water heater 3 times and it failed to correct the problem. We have consulted with two different plumbers one from Quality Plumbing located in Sioux City, Iowa and another one from Morningside Plumbing also from Sioux City, Iowa and none of them have any idea as to how to correct the issue or why the water turns ice cold after the toilet is flushed.

    The problem started 5 to 10 years ago. The original water heater did not produce this problem.
    The water heater is a 40 gallon natural gas fired water heater made by A. O. Smith.

    Do you have any ideas that might correct the problem once and for all?

    The home owners are the 1st and only owners of this house since it was built in 1966.

    Thank you
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