Over the past few months we've had numerous visits (repair calls)from our local cable tv company (tru vista) .... to try and correct and repair numerous outages . First they told us we had no low end signal on our cable but would install a new line .
The next thing we knew , computers , telephones , modems , copiers , faxs , alarm systems were shorting out , we were told that it was a lightening strike ( ok ,, maybe ) went to store replaced items , within a day they blew again ... (NO STORM ) then told power surge ( doubted but maybe ) still they never checked the line . Next guess what blew more things , here they come again , their line block on the house was melted and the cable fried , when they put the cable up near the block .... it shot sparks .... or arc'd . that was when they started looking at the cable ... said it had current coming through it , but , heres the query , how ... being cable line has NO current going through it . The company has tried to blame the Electric co. ( overhead lines ) low voltage irrigation lines 200' away , ground fault outlets on a building 50' away ( electrician has checked all outlets and current NO LOSS ) ,
I'm out over $10,000 worth of electronics blown by the cable ...


all help will be appreciated