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    Red face Waxy build up

    HELP! I bought a beautiful vanity at a yard sale and when I hit it with my Murphy's, it fogged beyond belief in some areas. You can actually see where the way was poured on and there are small "mounds". I need to get the wax off so I can use Old English to hide some scratches and bring the grain out.

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    Mineral Spirits or paint thinner will remove the wax but do it in the most inconspicuous place first to check it out...
    Like you should have done w/the Murphys

    Use a clean cloth or 0000steel wool rubbing with the grain.
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    Here's an old recipe from my mom:

    1/4 cup baking soda 1/2 cup ammonia 1 cup vinegar 1 gallon warm water

    Wash your wood down with this and it'll strip any wax off it. Just be sure to dry and then polish with your favorite oil. I've used this on all sorts of woods and it's great. One thing for which to watch out is if the finish on your piece is fragile. I've taken poorly applied/old finish off and had to refinish it. On the other hand, I've used this solution on century pieces and had no problem. I've always thought if this strips the finish, then I should be refinishing it. As previously mentioned, just try some place hidden.
    Good luck!

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