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    Cool Plumbing for old "baby bath tub" sink

    I have an old baby bath tub with a metal stand that I want to use for my powder room sink. Is there a source for plumbing with pea trap other than pvc or would it be better to paint the pvc to look like bronze? The faucet is bronze. Also, there is the issue regarding transitioning the drain size to fit the pipes. Will this have to be pvc? Thank you.

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    Default Re: Plumbing for old "baby bath tub" sink

    You don't mention the size you need but you should be able to get a reducer for the drain. RV suppliers may be a source for smaller plumbing.
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    Default Re: Plumbing for old "baby bath tub" sink

    I'm trying make a "baby tub sink" in a remodel in NC. Did you succeed? Any issues with building codes? Any photo links?



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