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    Unhappy Help Please Smelly Drains

    My house is only one year old. There is a sewage smell coming from the drain everytime I turn the bathroom faucets on. It is not the water that smells. It is a blast of air that smells. I have taken the PVC pea traps out and replaced with metal traps. Plumber has been out several time and can't figure out why it is smelling. Vent pipe is open. I have run bleach through the drain and through the overflow. It is a marble counter top and sink. Basically I have tried everything with no success. I can only trust the plumber is giving me the right information. I am on city sewer pipes and not septic tank. Help Please

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    Could be that your p-trap is emptying itself out when you turn on the taps. When installed properly, the p-trap should always
    retain enough water in the 'U' section to prevent any sewer smells from seeping into the house through the drain. Either the
    p-trap is installed incorrectly, making it an 'S' trap, or the
    vent is improperly located, or, some other plumbing fixture nearby is suctioning out the water in your p-trap.
    I believe if the p-trap was installed according to code, then you would not be experiencing this problem
    Trouble - shooting idea/short term solution:
    Try leaving the cold water tap running at just a trickle after you use the faucet - what will probably happen is the p-trap will
    remain full and you will not have sewer gas in the house

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    Default Re: Help Please Smelly Drains

    I had that exact problem; the smell was coming from the overflow holes when I would turn the water on. I took everything apart, cleaned and snaked the drain, and it still persisted. Finally, I plugged the drain with a rubber stopper, so that the overflow outlet was also plugged. Then I filled the sink AND the whole overflow system with strong bleach solution and let it set for a couple of hours. I haven't smelled it since.

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