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    Default Oscillating Tool recommendation ?

    Not sure if this question has been asked before but ............

    Does anyone have a recommendation for an "Oscillating Tool" that will cut, etc in tight spaces ?

    I have looked at tools from Fein, Dremel and Craftsman.

    The reviews for these different tools seem to indicate issues with poor blades performance and high blade replacement cost.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thanks !!!

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    Default Re: Oscillating Tool recommendation ?

    Fein- top of the line professional tool
    Rockwell- a direct clone of the Fein (older model not the one with tooless blade change)
    Craftsman- haven't look at one don't by craftsman power tools.
    Dremel- light weight designed for hobbyist or limited use homeowner.

    Blades are expensive? Considering that I pay anywhere from $99 to $129 for a table saw blade every thing is relative.
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    Default Re: Oscillating Tool recommendation ?

    Jack -

    Thanks for your input.

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