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    Default Noisey Bathroom Sink Pipes! HELP!!!!

    My husband upgraded our downstairs hall sink faucet. I'm thrilled with the look of them -instead of a single handled unit we have a two handled unit, one for cold and one for hot water.

    The problem is now whenever the hot water handle is turned on we hear this awful noise from the pipes. It doesn't happen when the cold water is used by itself or when the shower hot water is turned on in the same bathroom.

    We think it might be air in the line, but aren't really sure and don't want to pay a plumber to do something we can fix ourselves. Any thoughts? If it is air in the line how do we get rid of it?

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    Default Re: Noisey Bathroom Sink Pipes! HELP!!!!

    Once the new valve was in place, did you purge the lines when the water was turned back on?

    It is best to remove the aerator at each faucet, then turn on both hot/cold and run until the faucet quits burping air. Start at the furthest fixture from the water main and work your way back.
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