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Thread: Where to start?

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    Thank you all in advance for any input. I'll really appreciate it.

    I have bought a little house (my life long American dream), guess around 35 to 50 years old and in very bad condition. It is safe to live in but costs so much for heating and cooling. I am thinking to replace the windows but love the look of old windows. I am wondering if there is any ways to safe to old windows but improve air-tightness with a modest budget. What are the pros and cons of buying windows and installing services from places like Lowe's / Home Depot vs local window business.

    Since I can't perform the work myself and have very limited resources to improve my home, I need as much of advices as I can before I make the move. So thank you for your words.

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    Saving old windows is a good place to start. Most old windows are made of far better materials than newer windows, and the good news is, it takes a LOT of time but very little money to restore an old wood window.

    Post a picture of your house to give us an idea of what you're talking about. A picture is worth a thousand words, except when it comes to old houses. In that case, a picture is worth a million words!

    Rosemary THornton
    author, The Houses That Sears Built

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    I agree with RosemaryT, restoring the windows and installing proper weather stripping will give you a much greater bang for you buck than new windows.
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