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    Question gooey mess

    I have removed some old vinyl flooring that was laid over old hardwood flooring. Problem the old adhesive is very tough stuff. Got any ideas on how to remove it from the old hardwood. I would like to sand and refinish the old hardwood. The old glue is clear not the black stuff. It looks like rubber cement from old grade school days, but significantly tougher.

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    Mineral Spirits will soften that old clear NafCo Vinyl sheet & tile adhesive. Let it sit a bit then sc**** with a flex stainless steel sc****r one way in the direction of the grain. Work on small areas at a time about just under 2 square feet. Don't try to get it all on the first pass just go for the major bulk. When you've stripped the whole floor with the first pass go back over it a second time. When done with the second pass use a stripping pad dipped in mineral spirits and wipe in the direction of the grain, rinsing the stripping pad in mineral spirits often, then squeeze and wipe again.

    You'll need lots of fresh air and don't forget to extinquish all flames, pilots, disable all sparkers before you begin.

    Its a nasty job but you can manage. Depends on the notch but average about 2 gallons of MS per square (10' x 10') for softening and scraping both passes plus a final strip wipe (most lost here as you change what you have in your dip pan often on the final wiping process).
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