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    Default What to do with switch setup?

    I had several ceiling fan/light fixtures installed where before there were only light fixtures with dimmer switches. There are 2 chains on each fixture, one for light and other for fan (3 speed). The dimmer switches are now incompatible and I'm trying to figure out what to do - it seems like I could replace the dimmer switches with normal on/off ones but that still leaves 2 controls for the fixture. What would you guys recommend here?

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    Default Re: What to do with switch setup?

    I see 3 options

    1) replace the wire from the switch to the fan with a 3 wire and install a fan / speed control

    2) toggle switch and pull chain

    3) Remote kit, real easy install and a good diy project only 4 or 5 wires to splice (or buy a fan with a built in remote kit)
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