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    Default Underground junction box?

    I have electrical wires coming up out of the ground in my backyard, encased in flexible conduit, that used to go to a steel shed (which I recently removed). Now I'd like to extend the line to the edge of the yard where I'd like an outdoor outlet for a pump, perhaps. I've received conflicting advice about how best to make an underground junction. One person says do a regular threaded junction encased in a waterproof metal j-box; another says use liquid tape on the wire nuts and encase the junction only in a plastic underground valve/meter box (in the plumbing department? looks like an inverted plastic bucket, with U-shaped holes at the bottom and a removeable access panel at the top). The first method makes more sense than the first, but I'd like to hear other opinions before I do that one. I would also mark the location clearly at grade. Thanks for any advice you can offer.

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    Inverted bucket, there reffered to as hand holes, I dont think you can get them from depot or lowes tho probably have to go to a supply house. ask for a quazite box or handhole.
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