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    Default Removing L-Shaped Nails

    We recently pulled up tile floors in our dining room to expose beautiful hardwoods underneath. The only problem is that about 1000 L-shaped nails are sticking into those hardwoods. Any tips for removal? We have tried the cat's paw tool, but it takes a very long time to remove each nail, and the tool doesn't always work. Also, we don't want to leave additional marks in the floor. Is there a better tool for this?

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    Default Re: Removing L-Shaped Nails

    You probably need a combination of tools to ease the project and reduce the amount of damage caused. I recommend using either pliers or vise grips to grab the nail, then slip a flat bar or similar prybar under the jaws of the pliers to lift out the nail. You may need to have a scrap piece of wood under the prybar to prevent further damage to the floor.
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