I posted this earlier and I am not sure if any one can see it.. So here it is again
Ok so I am new here An I am a woman...I have A stubborn Mouse or Rat I have tried the following, Stickey pads All over the house dident catch any but the lil bugger put the insolation from the attic around the PB than ate it... I used Decon under house and in some hole None dead.I have small children so I had to be careful...I put out Mice traps I caught 5 all together in a matter of two weeks.. These lil bugggers are smart they started going around them... Ok so Last night I went to my local Walley world and purchased Great stuff (you know what I am talking about if you are on this site )I also purchased the steel wool grade 3 if that helps.. This is what i did.. I have cabinets that the mice or rat is coming in from the space is about an half of an inch wide The cabinets sit farther out than the base board And I think the cabinets is just sitting on a frame..
I last night figured to block this path off.. I pulled the steel wool apart about 6 inches than stuffed it in the gaps then I sprayed the foam in it...(huge mess I got it all over my hands.. I woke up this morning to A huge mess They chewed it up and just left it there for me to clean... No manners at all.. Well they chewed the foam and pushed the steel wool out.. Can any one help.. What should I do next..should I buy more steel wool and keep spraying the foam... They are smart little buggers.. And I know for a fact it is a mouse or rat.. I have seen it... or them.. Dont know how many are here..
Please help with the next step I should take...