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    Default laminate flooring recommendations

    im soon to install a laminate flooring in my kitchen and bath (a first floor concrete slab), and am not sure which manufacturers to pursue and avoid.

    im considering a 12mm thick floor from lumb-e-r liquidato-r-s (not sure if brand names are blockeb by admin.) that seems nice, but was advised against them. the same source recommended per-g-o from the low-e-s, but the thickness of their products was a fraction of the other.

    im sure this is not the only characteristic from which to judge, but seems to be a crucial one.

    can anyone provide some insight?

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    Default Re: laminate flooring recommendations

    I personally don't care for Pergo or Pergo-like products, they look cheap and IMO have a louder hollow "knock" to them than wood products. About the best wood product, short of full thickness hardwood, is Kahr's which is layers of wood (engineered flooring ) with a very thick finished surface that can be refinished multiple times. The problem with laminates is that they don't last or wear as well as wood and the trim stock is absolutely terrible in looks, cost, and workability. If you do decide to go with a laminate, you'd be better off purchasing real wood moldings and finishing them to match, that way you'll have no raw edges and no peeling.
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