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    Default attic insulation question

    We are getting ready to put a new roof on our old rancher and will be having other (major) remodeling done.

    Our existing attic insulation is a combination of 50-year-old, loose insulation which looks something like shredded wood. It reminds me of mulch. On top of this stuff in some areas, someone added bats of pink insulation (with paper). I'm not sure if the additional insulation was properly installed. It looks as though it was just tossed around in some parts of the attic
    It's a mess!

    Should we have all the old insulation removed and install all new? Would this be much more costly?

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    Default Re: attic insulation question

    howdy great time to have an insulation contractor out to give you a bid and determine your existing r value and amount of insulation. Sounds like you have cellulose blown in and some fiberglass bat insulation on top. would get bid to blow in m,ore cellulose to get r48 in attic...

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    Default Re: attic insulation question

    Just be careful about leaving those paper-faced bats in place. The paper is likely a vapor barrier. What you don't want is a vapor barrier placed on top of existing insulation. That vapor barrier could force moisture to remain in the existing insulation which could then direct the moisture back toward your walls. So either the old insulation will compact due to moisture or your walls (depending on how thick the old insulation is) could absorb some of that moisture.

    If the bats are only in a few spots, it's probably not a big deal. But it's something you should discuss with your insulation contractor.


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