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    Default Re: Whoa, major electrical safety violations

    Quote Originally Posted by Edge1289 View Post
    OSHA, NESC, NFPA 70E asside, I find it inconceivable that TOH would show Allen disconnect and reconnect the power co service in the manner he employed. I know electricians do their own disconnects and reconnects all the time, but to basically condone the unsafe practices that were aired in the episode does a diservice to the viewing public who may believe they can get away with what Allen did on that roof and ladder.

    I am a Chief Lineman for an investor owned public utility. I have been a lineman for over 37 years and work on voltages much higher than 120/240 residential services. I would never, repeat never, disconnect a service in the manner displayed in the epidode.

    Whats a Epidode, LOLOL,

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    Default Re: Whoa, major electrical safety violations

    All of my V-rated tools are clearly labeled with the voltage rating . My Nomex uniform shirt also has a tag on the outside that says FR . V-rated tools have two layers of insulation . If the first layer is compromised , and the second layer shows through , the tool is trashed .

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    Default Re: Whoa, major electrical safety violations

    Thanks for posting the youtube video of this segment, I was a little late coming in on this conversation. Do these violations occur very often on TOH? I may have to watch more often with the kids!

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