I just watched an episode where our trusty electrician Allen hot spliced a temporary connection while he installed a new service. His caviler attitude was troubling. No personal protection, no eye protection, regular (non-hotwork) tools. ***! Norm would be outraged, “…remember there is no more important…”. In our area OSHA would be all over Allen’s demonstration of hot splicing. He repeatedly stated it was OK because he was on a fiberglass ladder. We won’t go into all the other ground paths he could contact. More troubling, Kevin was well within the arc-flash zone without any protection. The available energy from the service conductors is staggering. There are OSHA and NFPA standards that clearly outline the proper requirements.

I hope a future episode; perhaps, when he reconnects the new service will amend these transgressions.
Dean Hedstrom, PE, Master Electrician