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    I have a bathroom that is 576 cubic sq.ft. with shower/tub. There is a window in the bathroom. There is also a 70 CFM fan. We are getting way to much moisture in the bathroom after showers and we are getting mildew on the ceiling and only on the ceiling. What can we do to fix it? Is it a matter of the fan being too small for the area. It is a 70 sq.ft. room. Also, the fan is running and vented correctly. Please help. Thank you.

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    need to run fan 20 minutes after shower... consider installing a low flow shower head and shorter showers. too.

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    Most bath fans do not exhaust what they are rated for. When fans are rated they have a 6 foot piece of straight pipe attached. Each additional foot cuts down the capacity. Every elbow has an equivalent length of straight pipe associated with it. Thus a 90 degree elbow is equivalent to 15 feet of straight pipe. Most bath fans are junk. A high quality fan like a Panasonic or FanTech is in order.

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