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    Default Bathroom Paint cracking and chipping in a home built in 1968

    Our home was built in 1968 and is in good condition. In one of our bathrooms the paint is cracking and chipping off. I plan on repainting this room and would prefer to remove the old paint so that I have a smooth surface to start with.

    My concern is the possibility that lead may be present in the original paint paint that was applied at the time the house was built.

    Should I be concerned that lead is in the paint?
    If so what is the best way to prepare this surface area?
    What precautions should I take to protect my family and myself in the eventuality that lead is present?

    My plan is to seal off the bathroom as best as possible.
    Scrap and or sand the existing surface to smooth it. Vacuum the room and wash the walls as best as possible.
    Apply an approriate primer
    retexture the walls
    Let it dry, apply an additional coat of primer.
    Then repaint with an appropriate paint for use in bathrooms.

    I read the article in This Old House regarding the product Remove All, is this an appropriate product to use this product on interior surfaces? The article addressed strip outside clapboard walls but did not discuss the application on interior dry walls.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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