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    Default what type of wood for kitchen cabinets?

    I am giving my 1970s kitchen a facelift and would love input into what type of wood to use for my new cabinets. The builder recommended alder wood since I like the look, but i am concerned that it may be too soft, in spite of being a hardwood, and dent too easily. What experience have people had with alder wood? What about other woods such as maple or beech? Thanks.

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    Default Re: what type of wood for kitchen cabinets?

    The type of wood you use will depend on whether you're going to paint or stain the finished cabinets. Another factor is the availability of both lumber and plywood in the same species and type of wood. I would also use aesthetic cues from the surroundings of the kitchen, such as hardwood floors, nearby cabinets and woodwork, etc. Alder has no grain to speak of and has excellent staining properties, it is also easy to work with. If you like oak, then take a look at ash, which has very similar grain workability properties.
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