I had a garage built and it was a nightmare. The end result is that the roofer called and said he is putting a Mechanics lien on the house cause the builder did not pay him. The builder mentioned we owed him some more money for things that were changed along the way. He never pursued that until now. All I asked is that he put together an itemized list and show us what we owe and will talk and square up with him. The fact that he has brought it up more often now and then the roofer has contacted me personally via a phone number not known by the builder has raised my suspicions. I guess I want to know if I can do anything about it or am I just stuck. The builder claims that he can't pay the roofer unless I pay him cause he does not have the money. I don't need anything in world of credit, don't plan on selling the house forever.

I assume that the cost of a lawyer and litigation would exceed the cost of paying the builder whatever he asks for.

My gut instinct is to tell the builder he has to square up with roofer before I make any payment.

I just want to know are there options and how does this work.

I understand that none of your responses are anyting but opinions and experiences and I should discuss this with a lawyer before I make any decisions.