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Thread: Pool re-roofing

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    Exclamation Pool re-roofing

    I have a 32 X 60 redwood pool building and am having great difficulty both finding construction people who understand problem and solutions as well as a controversy over 12 oz fiberglass vs. Polycarbonate for reroofing. No one has been able to give me a comparison of what is best: 12 oz. fiberglass or Polycarbonate for these factors: rating for snow load; chemical(chlorine), moisture, sun resistance. Structure is redwood, rafters 24" apart. Single slope roof, 11 feet on one end, 8 1/2 feet at other.

    I'm also wary of the foam closure strips that are being used. The present fiberglass roof has lasted over 40 years with redwood closure strips. The foam must be very resistant to moisture, chlorine, mildew, and sun damage....
    I would appreciate greatly ANY feedback from construction people and homeowners.

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    Default Re: Pool re-roofing

    Howdy, have you considered a metal roof so it will last for life times,....

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