I have a question about an unusual setup for the control of the kitchen lights in my father's home. The original 1920's wiring was rewired in the early 1950's, although some wiring sections and switches have since been replaced.
What he has are two separate ceiling fixtures and two-three way switches at each end of the kitchen. As it currently works (and has for 50 plus years), depending on how the switches are positioned; he can turn one light or the other on; turn both of them on or turn both of them off.
As I said, there are only two - three way switches. Electricians have told me this cannot work, yet I have demonstrated to them that it does work. Short of opening all the walls to expose and trace the wiring (I don't think my father would allow me to do this) Does anyone have an idea how this happened, and more importantly, can someone draw me a circuit diagram so that I could reproduce this effect some day in the future? I happen to like the way they work and may want to rewire some lights in my home to work the same way.