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From what you have described all of the grounds need to be isolated from the neutrals in the panel with the breakers.
I'm fairly certain that's how it is, but I'll verify when I open the service panel up again.

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A bonding jumper between hot and cold metal water piping at the water heater is fine.

The grounding/bonding needs to happen between the main disconnect bonding point to a point 5' from the water pipe entrance if the water pipe is metal.
Water pipes are metal, but bonding to them 5' from the service entrance will be rather hard. It was never bonded there when the house was built/inspected (any idea when the 5' feet rule was added?). As a start, seems I'd already be better off moving that GEC to the pre-water-heater cold water pipe and using a bonding jumper between cold and hot.

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According to NEC 250.52{B** Metal underground gas piping or aluminum electrodes are not permitted as grounding electrodes.
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Howdy again, the grounding to a gas line is a big no no as you never want to risk a short to go to ground and have any chance of igniting gas.
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I believe the op is saying the gas pipe is grounded not that systems are grounded to the gas line. Interior gas piping is required to be grounded in Mass. if the system uses Csst (corrugated stainless steel tubing).
Correct, the gas pipe is bonded to the grounding rod/electrode per NEC 250.104(B).