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    Default Bathroom Venting - Weeping walls

    Hi all ~
    We have an upstairs bathroom that "weeps" ! The bathroom is 8x8 and when showers are taken the walls weap - or have moiisture that appears to accumulate at the ceiling and run down the walls (leaving the weeping effect on the paint).
    To date we have done quite a bit :
    - Replaced the bathroon fan (sized properly for the room (actually is larger capacity and ait flow is very good). The fan is vented to the outside
    - At the recommendation os a paint pro (at Lowes) used Killz (oil based) to seal the walls and repainted.
    - repainted the room (satin finish)

    The newly painted walls held up for a short time but developed the same appearance.

    We have a sceond bathroom that is doing the same but haven"t repainted yet (as we wanted to see how the first held up).

    We are dilligent on leaving the fans running for 15-20 min after showers but to no avial.

    Does anyone have ideas on how to solve this problem ?


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    Default Re: Bathroom Venting - Weeping walls

    Howdy, consider shorter showers. Are you using the fan during the showers. Install low flow shower heads helped as our kids used the highest amount of hot water till the heater was empty and it looked like a green house after the misters ran when they were done..

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    Default Re: Bathroom Venting - Weeping walls

    This sounds pretty normal. About 6 months ago I repainted my bathroom with Behr moisture control paint. Now my walls do that, instead of absorbing the moisture. I like it this way because I know it is not being absorbed into the drywall.

    If you are concerned about it, have you considered getting a higher CFM bathroom fan? A stronger fan will move more air and lessen the amount of condensation. You could also check to make sure the fan outlet isn't blocked (like a birds nest in it or something).

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