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    Default Best way to align lavatory drain?


    I'm replacing a wall hung lavatory in my guest bathroom (having previously added a shower and shower ring to the clawfoot tub), and everything is going fine, except for the drain.

    The original drain comes up out of the floor, and has a chrome S trap. I can't disconnect it (the connection is under the floor and removing the floor is not an option at present). I can't even rotate the floor piece of the S trap. So, as my new lavatory drain is closer to the section coming from the floor, the lack of ability to rotate means I can't re-connect the S trap.

    The best solution I can come up with is to cut the old floor section of the drain (I have a pipe cutter so can do this with the drain in place in the floor) - can I buy a repair piece to replace the top of the S Trap? I should then be able to rotate into the right position to fit the trap. Will this work, or are there any better ideas?
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