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    Default Replacing recessed lights

    I am replacing my old recessed light fixtures with airtight units. The problem is the diameter of the new lights are about 1/2 inch smaller than the old ones. A guy at the electric supply store said to use caulk to seal the fixture, but that doesn't seem right to me because of the heat. The ceiling is drywall and the trims do cover the gap but they are not airtight. How do I fill the 1/4 inch gap and keep them airtight? Would joint compound work? Thanks for any help

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    Default Re: Replacing recessed lights

    i dont see why drywall compound wouldnt work.. fire caulk might also be an alternative, i would think that would stand up to heat pretty well.. depending on the heat, i dont know why ya couldnt just use caulk.. check to see what the caulk can handle for temp thou..

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