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    Default Gurgles and sewer smell

    I had a whole-house plumbing gurgle whenever any fixture was used. I went up on the roof and removed the 2 rubber caps that had been installed on the PVC vent pipes. Fixtures flush great and no gurgles! Then I noticed a foul smell, and my basement stinks of sewer gas! There are no fixtures down there... The odor may be coming from abandoned sewer lines outside the basement window. (though I have filled these with spray-foam) Would opening up the roof vent cause some sort of vacuum? I hope the stink goes away, it's worse than the gurgle!

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    Default Re: Gurgles and sewer smell

    I would suspect that a floor drain in the basement could be the cause of the sewer smell. A floor drain that the trap has dried up will allow sewer gas to enter the basement.
    Removing the caps from the vent pipes lets the vents to work properly, allowing the sewer gas to escape through the vent and not gurgle through the traps on your plumbing fixtures.
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