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    Default redo copper lines

    i wanna raise a couple of my copper lines that are run in my garage celing, last year they froze and burst one night. so i think if i get them up tight to the upper floor, which is the floor to my bed room, should help keep them warmer. my question is are the snap togehter fittings for copper that requires no soldering trust worthy?? ive seen em at menards and thought that would make for a quick easy fix, and i dont have to get a open flame that close to the wood of the floor. so has anyone used these fittings? i believe they cost more, but im all about ease and speed.. but not at the cost of reliabilty.. thanks for your imput!

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    Default Re: redo copper lines

    If you are talking about SharkBite connectors they are more expensive but absolutely reliable.

    I might suggest you also put insulation up there between the pipes and the garage if you don't have any. That will help hold the heat around the pipes.
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