Hello again I guess it's been a year since I was here and asked for advice - and got some helpful replies....
Now I have a recurrence of an old problem that I THOUGHT would go away......
first, I'm in Central Iowa - swift and extreme changes in weather from hour to hour, cold as 20 one minute, in the 50s the next, or 60s, then down to 30 by evening, etc.
So knowing Central Iowa has some hot muggy weather, cold nasty winters and falls that are a wild mix - and plenty of bugs. This problem is small in the spring, non-existent in the summer, but so bad in the fall that the floor crunches, wood gets stained from hundreds of thousands of carcasses.
Here's what's happening. It's a pole building, concrete floor, 2 story with a wood shop area in 2nd level. The building was insulated during construction. Outer skin, insulation, plastic, then a steel inner wall. I insulated the upper floor and put up sheetrock on the walls. The floor is plywood up there, the ceiling is insulation, but will be steel. On the first floor, it's steel ceiling and walls. 2 Windows on the WEST side. 2 12x12 insulated overhead doors on the north. No windows on the east or south. Most of the time I'm at work so the building is all closed up, windows, doors and all. but come fall, I find the west window ledges are covered literally black, about 2 layers deep with flys and lady bugs, mostly dead. Upstairs, right below the window on the north and south ends, the floor is black with bugs. The plywood has started to darken as they stain the floor after dying. I mean I can vacuum them up one day, 1/4 fill a shop vac (literally) and the next day, it's the same thing.
If I'm home and leave an overhead door open, it's not as bad.
This is getting crazy as downstairs they are falling into my tools, into the engines and alternators I work on, the floor crunches, it's dirty and smelly. Upstairs, it's hard to work for all the bugs that are still alive buzzing you (including a few wasps) and the flys all over, and messing up wood, getting into my saws and other tools, etc.
How do I stop this???
How are they getting in and why?
In my ALL WOOD garage, there are two west windows on it, it's not insulated, but is closed or opened the same, and there are NO bug issues in that building at all! only the steel pole building, which is better sealed and insulated. The garage stays mostly bug free and I never see piles of dead bugs under the windows.
I'm embarrassed to even post photos of the mess, makes me look like a pig.
It STINKS when I vacuum these and I have to empty and rinse the shop vac daily!
Fly strips? forget it! I'd be changing them daily, and they don't seem to get to the strips, they go to the windows and fall and die. (or most of them do........)
Well insulated metal building in Iowa, flies, lady bugs, a few wasps, but mostly flies, then lady bugs, covering floors, window ledges and the floor crunches from ladybugs............