Husband and I (I help-not a mechanical gal) installed gutters/downspouts, vinyl, not long ago on our salt box, no overhang style older home. Ended up with troubles of water getting behind gutter and running down against siding, esp. in winter (we're in Midwest).

Well, even after he tried to "fix" by putting in boards behind top edge of siding all around the house hoping to install gutter where it belonged, the gutter is still is doing the same thing- ugh- when it rains not all goes into gutter but behind it and runs down side of house- and not in all places around house, just some.

Winter is coming and we are in Midwest- I just hate to think about icicles again down the front of my siding. Is there any way we can check WHY this is happening? Is the drip edge in wrong somehow? Or should we angle the gutter against the house? Or get rid of the backer boards?