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    Default New plumbing for vintage sink?

    We need to replace the plumbing for this old American Standard sink. We have new stems and seats and the old handles are reusable, but we need a new brass mixing chamber (the hidden part that connects from the water supply to the handles and spout) a drain flange and tail piece. Our local plumbing store tried, but was unable to locate the parts we need. Can anyone tell us where we can find these parts within the tri-city triangle of Providence, Boston and Hartford? Or ******? We'd really like to keep the sink as it matches the toilet and tub in our old bathroom. Thanks!
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    Default Re: New plumbing for vintage sink?

    Try here........and don't be afraid to call them for assistance.

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    Default Re: New plumbing for vintage sink?

    Hi berkecj,
    I know this is a few months later, but did you ever have any luck finding parts for your old sink? I have one just like it and you could really save me some effort if you did!!! Thanks very much

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    Default Re: New plumbing for vintage sink?

    Some show rooms have a catalog that I have seen and it has all kinds of vintage stuff like that probably even washerless function or some more trendy design. I've seen them in two places and only the more experienced showromm seem to use them and they are flat out FULL of plumbing and big as a NY phone book.

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    Default Re: New plumbing for vintage sink?

    whatever you do don't toss the sink. I am trying to sell my vintage sink (turn of the century) so I researched them on line and they are very expensive sinks and cost a ton to replace.

    Take the trouble to locate what you need; it is worth it in the long run. I know you said you liked it anyway. It is beautiful. Give us the URL for the fix you found because I can pass that info along to whoever buys mine.

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