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    Default removing adhesive from walls

    I am refinishing my upstairs bathroom and the previous owner had used either flooring adhesive or some other construction adhesive to hold the old Masonite paneling to the drywall. I stripped the paneling from the walls
    an I am left with the adhesive that was spread on the walls using what looks like a 3/8" notch trowel. I have been trying to sand it off for 2 Days now and it is hard as a rock. Does anybody have any suggestions on a better way to remove it or what to do?

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    Default Re: removing adhesive from walls

    Beans to buckshot, there is no solvent that will now take the glue off. It has hardened to the point that it is like rock. Either you continue to sand and this may not yield a decent result. Or you can consider cutting out the sheetrock and replacing the entire piece(s). You'd have to judge on what would take the most time and have the best result.

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