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    Default Replacing an Attic Expansion Tank - Open System

    I've got a 1921 craftsman bungalow with hot water, radiator heat. It's an open gravity system with the expansion tank in the attic. The expansion tank has extensive corrosion and no longer holds water.

    I don't find any information ****** about replacing open system expansion tanks. Is there a place I can find replacement tanks or would I need to have one fabricated? Is there a compelling reason to convert it to a closed system with an expansion tank in the basement rafters instead?

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    Default Re: Replacing an Attic Expansion Tank - Open System

    I would think that something could be done to modify a closed system steel compression tank so that you could get the system up & running for the heating season.

    Yes, there is a compelling reason to have the system changed over to a closed system---open systems are very inefficient as heating systems.

    The changeover would have to include installation of a circulator pump and a modern expansion tank that has an internal bladder & is care-free.

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