What, you're not impressed by exposed electrical and open boxes? Personally, I wouldn't read too much into the lack of cover plates on the junction boxes. I've been under more than a few trailers and to be honest, you're lucky if you do find a cover plate.

A little information on trailers that you may or may not know. First and foremost, there is absolutely no one that is responsible for the trailer other than the final owner. The manufacturer passes all liability on to the sales lot when the unit leaves the plant. The sales lot is no longer responsible once it leaves their property, and the contractor who installs it is no longer responsible when his truck leaves the driveway because all of it was built by someone else. How's that for a chain of passing the buck? It's set up this way for good reason, trailers -ALL OF THEM - are garbage! They are built with substandard materials with substandard workmanship. Just how bad are they? Local building departments WILL NOT ALLOW contractors to build a structure this bad!

I'm currently reroofing a double wide, you want scary? The two halves are lag bolted together with 5" lags, at a very steep angle, through the plywood deck. The deck is only 3/8" plywood. The ridge "beam" is one strip of 3/4" plywood. Half of the bolts were loose - could be removed with fingertips. Two bolts were on top of the deck and just roofed over, these too were removed with fingertips. The trusses, if you can call them that, have a 2x2 top cord, 1x2 webbing, and a 2x3 laying flat for the bottom cord which is also what the ceiling drywall is hanging from.

Sorry for the rant, but not only should it be criminal for these things to be built, the manufacturers should be put out of business and slapped so hard that their great, great, great, grandkids feel it.