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We live 250 East of El Paso, Texas. Recently we hired a man to remove Crepe Mytrle bushes from along the back fence of our our yard. We set them out about eight years ago. Two of them (with light pink blooms) grew to be fifteen to eighteen feet tall and reached the height of telephone and TV Cable wires in the alley. Those stumps are about 10 inches in diameter. The other two bushes (with dark pink blooms) were about half the size of the larger ones. Anyway, they were all cut off about six inches above the ground. The man who cut them drilled holes in the stumps and advised us to pour a mixture of salt and vinegar into these holes once a week (for an indefinite time, we guess) to kill the stumps. We have done as he instructed (even though we are skeptical) but small shoots are now growing from the stumps. We hope to be able to remove the dead stumps and plant other shrubs by next year. What do you suggest?

I live in north florida and two years ago I pulled up over a dozen crepe myrtles stump and all. they are comeing back from just the roots that were left, I'm not big on using all the chemicals outside, but I have been mowing the shoots for two years and they aren't slowing down. I say this to tell you that just removing the stumps won't be enough as long as you don't get all the roots, and they have lots of roots.