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    Default Water Heater Leak

    My water heater has water that is pooling at the cold water inlet and, I thik, the access to the anode. The "insulation" is wet around these areas. The cold water line does not appear to be leaking. It is CPVC plastic. Does this mean the water heater needs to be replaced?

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    Before replacing, make sure there is no water traveling down the cold water pipe from above. There could be a leak above the inlet and gravity always works. If OK, turn off the power, then turn off the water both from and to the tank. Connect a garden hose to the drain valve at the base of the tank to empty the tank. Once drained, remove the CPVC at the inlet and replace the threaded fitting. Its simple to cut and splice in new CPVC. Make sure to add teflon tape to the threads to guarantee a good seal. Replace the threaded fitting and tighten but don't overtighten as you can crack the CPVC fitting. Once all the adhesive is dry, refill the tank with water and open both the inlet and outlet lines. Turn on your hot water faucet at a sink to let any air escape. Turn off the faucet so as not to waste water. Check for leaks. If it is still leaking, the problem is probably the tank fitting at the cold water inlet. There is no fix for this other than replacement. If there is no leak, turn the power back on once the tank is completely full. As far as the anode pipe, it is probably water traveling over from the cold water inlet. I am not a plumber but I've done this drill several times with success.
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