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    Default Moving a Kitchen Sink

    We are planning a total gut of our kitchen and would like to move the sink from one wall to an adjacent wall. We have complete access to the plumbing from basement below. As I understand it, we need to move the water supply, the vent, and the drain.

    How difficult is this?
    Has anyone done it his or herself?

    My fiance says it will not be difficult, but I don't want to plan the kitchen around a revised sink location if it's not going to to work out!

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    Default Re: Moving a Kitchen Sink

    As long as you can access the wall itself and above also, all you need to do is reattach the vent in the attic or 2nd floor, and drain in the basement to get to a main drain. Kitchen sinks should always enter the main drain by themselves. Water can be run easily, just not in an outside wall. Stub the sink drain arm @ 12-13" if you want a pig (disposal). The vertical vent needs to be within 5' of the trap if using 1-1/2" or 6' for 2".

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    Default Re: Moving a Kitchen Sink

    If you have access to the water lines and drain from the basement it should be minimal problem extending to the adjacent wall. The biggest problem will be the vent because it needs to go up and connect to the vent pipe or up through the roof.
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